Fees & Charges

A full break down of fees and charges can be found for each course by accessing each courses page on this website. The Tuition Fees outlined  include Victorian Government Subsidised Fees, as well as our Fee for Service charges. Learner Tuition Fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Diversitat Training also offers Short Courses and Workplace Training Packages for clients. Other options also include applying for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT).

FFS = Fee For Service. Includes Tuition, Amenities, Materials, Books / Equipment fees.
Skills First funded and concession includes Tuition, Amenities, Materials Books / Equipment fees (Subject to eligibility)

Course fees are up to date at time of publication, but may be subject to change with regard to Victoria and Commonwealth funding.

Skills First – Government-subsidised Training

Skills First is a new approach to training in 2017, setting a high benchmark for training quality, and supporting the courses that are most likely to lead to employment.

Skills First offers real training for real jobs, through:

  • High quality training that students and industry can trust, aligned to industry and workforce needs.
  • A real voice for industry in training.
  • Funding for high needs learners who need additional support to engage with and succeed in education and training.
  • Access to targeted, relevant training for students in regional areas.


Diversitat Training believes education should be accessible to everyone. You may qualify for  Skills First. This Government-subsidised training will make training affordable for you, reducing your study costs significantly. Contact us to learn whether you are eligible, or visit our website and look on the “Enrolment Information” page for more information about Skills First eligibility. We also offer flexible payment plans to all our students to assist with affordability. Please ask our friendly staff what is needed to start a payment plan.

Calculation of fees

Training and service fees together with course fees and charges are calculated on a course-by-course basis. That means your overall costs depends upon your individual study program.

You will be required to pay a Tuition Fee. Other fees that may apply to your course of study includes Learner Amenities Fee, Materials and Additional Expenses/Levies. These are set by Diversitat Training on a course-by-course basis. Fees are calculated at the time of each enrolment. Any additional enrolment you undertake at Diversitat Training will attract the appropriate additional Tuition Fee and Learner Amenities Fees. Fees for your course will be collected for the calendar year in which your enrolment occurs. We calculate fees at the time of each enrolment based on the number of hours you enrol in.

  • Tuition Fee is the fee required for entry into a course and covers training delivery.
  • Learner Amenities Fee contributes to the provision of learner services such as kitchen and refreshment facilities, learner activities and Student Welfare Services. This fee may apply to training or further education, except for courses where learners are undertaking workplace training (trainees) and do not attend classes at a Diversitat Training venue.
  • Materials/Resources Fee — may be charged for course materials such as resources, handouts and text materials.
  • Additional Expenses/Levies — some courses require this to cover course materials such as tools of trade, equipment, excursions etc.

You will be advised if these expenses apply to your studies prior to enrolment, a full breakdown of fees can also be found by clicking on the “view fees” button on each course page..


If you are eligible for concessions on your Tuition Fees, you will pay no more than the set concession fee for your course in a calendar year. If you enrol in different courses in a calendar year, the tuition fees will be calculated independently for each course. You will be able to claim a concession if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card holders plus their dependent children and dependent spouses
  • Pensioner Concession Card holders plus their dependent children and dependent spouses
  • Veteran’s Gold Card holders (but not their dependents).

There is NO concession fee for Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses, nor is there a concession fee if your fees are being paid in full by a Commonwealth Government agency or as part of a Commonwealth Government Program.


PLEASE NOTE: Fees may apply for placement depending on the facility. If additional fees apply, this will be discussed with any students affected individually.

Fee Waivers & Exemptions

The RTO must allow tuition fee waivers/exemptions for learners where the following criteria apply:

  • An individual whose enrolment is undertaken by arrangement with another education institution which provides payment to the RTO for tuition.
  • An enrolment for which funding has been provided directly or indirectly by the Commonwealth Government and where a condition of the funding prohibits the imposition of a tuition fee.
  • An individual who is from the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre.
  • An individual who is required to undertake the course pursuant to a community-based order.
  • An individual referred with a standard Young People Transitioning From Care Referral Form.

Indigenous Learners

Under an Indigenous Completions Initiative, learners who self-identify as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders descent pay only the concession tuition fee for all courses. This includes courses of a Diploma level or above.

Payment Of Fees

Course places WILL NOT be confirmed until fees or a deposit have been received.
Short Courses (less than 7 weeks duration)
Payment is required in full prior to commencement of course.
Long Courses (7 weeks duration or longer)
A deposit is required prior to commencement of course.

Payment Options

Diversitat Training welcomes payment via:

  • Cash, cheque (with appropriate identification) or EFTPOS, at the Diversitat Training Reception
  • Credit card payments by phone will also be accepted after enrolment.

Direct Debit Payment Plan Options

Are you experiencing hardship or financial difficulty? Talk with us as you may be eligible to negotiate a payment plan agreement. Payment plans require an initial deposit of an agreed amount and then installments paid via direct debit. Payment must be finalised before completion of your course.

Payment By A Third Party

Are your fees being met by a third party such as a government agency or business entity? You will need to provide an Authority to Invoice letter or Training Agreement at the time of enrolment. Employers will not be invoiced without a Authority To Invoice letter or signed Training Agreement.

Certificate Charges

Upon successful completion of your course you will receive a Certificate. The cost of producing this certificate is covered by the course fee. There is, however, a charge of $50.00 for re-issuing lost or damaged certificates.