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Are you unable to access funded training due to your qualifications?

Now you can. Even if you have previously accessed funded training, you could be eligible for funded training with Diversitat Training. Recent exemptions to the VTG eligibility guidelines for not-for-profit, Learn Local organisations has made it more accessible. If you are looking at upskilling in your current role, or wanting to change your career, now you can – but only up until December 2016. Talk to us by calling 5246 9600 to find out more and apply today!

Why Reskill?

Reskilling, or changing your career is not for everyone but if you feel like it’s time to try something new then talk to us. Our career advisor can give you guidance to take the big leap, with pathway planning and advice to ensure that you make the right decisions. Here are some reasons why you might want to try something new:

  • The job outlook has worsened in your current career – you may have experienced redundancy or you feel like you can’t move forward.
  • Developing new interests – you may have come to realise your dreams later on in life, or something has happened that has given you a new outlook or a new passion. Maybe you now want to help the elderly with support and care, or you have become passionate about the education of young children.
  • You may be in a job that you are not interested in – this happens – you think it’s what you should do, you need to pay the bills, or you just had particular skills and fell into it. But what if you can’t see yourself doing that job long term? Now is a great time to look at what you are most passionate about and consider your future career.

Why Upskilling is important?

In a rapidly changing world, upskilling is becoming more important. Here are some reasons why upskilling in beneficial for both employees and employers:

  • Increased productivity. Properly trained staff are more efficient and innovative and have the ability to produce higher quality outcomes.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and morale. Staff will feel valued with training and can gain the confidence to diversify in their role.
  • Versatile career options.  Upskilling may give you more opportunities in your chosen field of work. More skills can allow you do take on more responsibility and advance in your career.
  • Improve employee retention. High staff turnover affects productivity. By keeping staff skills current you can decrease retention rates and keep them on board.

We are passionate about quality training and education

We are passionate about ensuring you are prepared for the next step, whether it is upskilling, reskilling or you are simply new to training. We have trainers who work in the industry they teach in, and have a wealth of knowledge and skills to pass on to you or your staff. We also offer pathway planning to help you make the right decisions for you and your future.

What’s next?

We are excited about the exemption to eligibility requirements so talk to us today to see if you are eligible for this exemption. And remember these changes are only available until the end of 2016. Call 5246 9600 today.

Also check out the courses we have on offer, click here.

Subject to Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG), limited places available. Talk to us to see if you are eligible.

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