Evolving with Pride

Diversitat English classes


Hang Nguyen, Diversitat English as an additional language (EAL) course coordinator.

It is truly a privilege to be the course co-ordinator of the Diversitat English Department, a department that does not just wait for change to be imposed, but leads that change in an effort to stay relevant and best meet the needs of our adult students.

We are about ‘evolving’ our practice because that is what great trainers do and our adult students are taught by great trainers. I am truly proud of our great trainers!

The highlight for this term was the consultation we had with our students about online learning due to COVID-19. Students told us that they would like to learn online rather than being suspended from learning English with Diversitat.

Since we started to deliver English courses online, our trainers, namely Barbara, Sonia, Ingrid, Guldane, and Jessie have worked creatively to deliver what our students need. I attended their teaching sessions and felt their enthusiasm with their students. Their smiling faces and well-prepared learning materials have enabled their students engaged in online learning more effectively.

We have had positive feedback from our students because our trainers have worked hard to come up with new ways of delivery which meet our student needs. We are in partnership with our students. We aim to deliver the best for our students at all times.

As COVID-19 has become more complicated, we seek to build a unique partnership with students, we emphasise social-emotional learning. We lead with love not with lessons. We want to make sure that our students, many of whom have experienced traumas, are safe and healthy. That does not mean we cannot teach curriculum, we just need to do so in the context of caring.

We offer grace to our students. Grace amplifies the trainer-student relationship to one of greater trust in which a student can thrive.

Hang Nguyen, Diversitat English as an Additional Language (EAL) course coordinator.

Currently studying English at Diversitat Training, Marwan Alhelo shares his experiences.

Diversitat for English learning it’s the best school I knew it was like a home to me.

Teachers in the Diversitat school very friendly and kind they help us until in personal problems like call or translation message from Centrelink.

I found Diversitat for learning English very good for new people how are newly arriving in Australia, really it was very good to me.

I tried nearly 3 schools for learning English actually I miss only to Diversitat and all the time I told my friend about how much Diversitat was good for learning English and useful to me.

The best thing at Diversitat school was friendly nature between staff and students.

I recommend Diversitat for all people how wants to study English because after my experience with them they are the best, no crowded at the class they’re teaching us with care for special needs, they ask us what we would like to know about in English and they are not teaching us in the traditional boringly way.

My teacher deal with us like friends for that we felt very comfortable and happy when we learn.