2020 Training Awards

Recipient of the 2020 Diversitat Training Outstanding Achievement Student Award

‘Dealing with Adversity’ was the theme for the Diversitat Training Awards in 2020 with the awards going to students “that have gone above and beyond what we would normally deal with in Training” Education program manager, Carolyn Jones states.

“Issara has overcome great adversity to create some great outcomes as a result of her studies.”

Issara comes from Thailand and joined Diversitat with little English. Currently studying her Diploma of Community Services, Issara is a single parent of a young child and is also dealing with family law proceedings.

“When Issara couldn’t attend classes she made alternative arrangements so she could keep up with her studies and is a very diligent student,” Carolyn explains.

Issara also has a desire to create positive change.

“When Issara started her placement at Cloverdale she was instrumental in creating programs for Thai women who had not previously had access to these programs due to language barriers.”

One of these programs focused on helping young asian women escape from slavery. The program was so successful that it received the attention of local MP’s and the Minister of Education.

“She is not only a dedicated student but she has translated what she’s learned into really fabulous outcomes for the community and that’s really what we’re aiming to do at Diversitat Training. Great job Issara!”